Toda Camshaft timing with VVT

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Toda Camshaft timing with VVT

Postby Jan Pedersen » Thu Oct 24, 2013 11:12 am

I am having a little trouble finding out how to get the valve timing just right before going to the dyno. Bryan aka jdm86gtz was kind enough to send a copy of Todas cam card. Unfortunately its in Japanese so I find quite hard to read ;)

So to make sure I got this right, here is the question:
To me it seems that the intake cam has to be set at 125 degrees and exhaust 100 degrees?
I used the original BT VVT cam gear and got 123 degrees. And with the VVT on that change the timing to ~93 degrees, right? The car is already running quite nicely so I'm pretty sure I'm close but I just don't want to waste much time on the dyno...

Cams are 272/9.2 both in and out BTW...

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Re: Toda Camshaft timing with VVT

Postby jondee86 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:28 am

Just looking at the numbers on the cam card I see...

LOBE CENTRE 125 ATDC (assume symmetrical lobe)
DURATION 227 (at some opening less than 1mm)

The minus sign in front of the 11.5 is a bit confusing ?? The figures only
add up if this is 11.5 ATDC. The cam card indicates that these figures are
for 264 degrees duration (advertised) x 9.00mm lift cams. If you have
272 degree cams, then I would expect the numbers to be slightly different.

However, if the cams are designed to be used with VVT I would also expect
that they would "drop in" at the correct timing when used with the factory
VVT pulley. Pure guesswork of course :)

Cheers... jondee86
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