Bigport & Smallport distributor parts interchangeability

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Bigport & Smallport distributor parts interchangeability

Postby Rogue-AE95 » Thu Apr 09, 2020 11:20 am

For USDM parts. I have what I am pretty sure is a stock SP distributor, came from a 1990 Geo Prizm GSi. And an MR2 dizzy which I know is OEM because it still has the Toyota part number decal.

I set both to what I was pretty sure was TDC, but looking at the reluctors(?) inside, they aren't quite in the same place. Are they supposed to be slightly different? I know the cap & spark plug wires are different, since BP wires sit higher on the valley compared to the SP ones.

Speaking of, can you use BP or SP cap/wires set on BP or SP dizzy? Depending on what valve cover & valley cover setup you have. Like, BP valley cover on a SP head, and BP cap/wires on a SP dizzy?

I'm asking because I wanted to disassemble both, but put the SP guts into the BP dizzy and use the BP shaft & gear (and of course replace the old internal seal). The BP shaft & gear seem like a better setup, since the gear is set in place with a pin. I don't like the idea of pressing the SP gear back in place but getting it slightly off.
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