Arias pistons update

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Arias pistons update

Postby yoshimitsuspeed » Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:20 pm

I have been working hard with Arias to get their piston designs improved and also to get a couple sets of my own semi shelf pistons made through them.
In my early naivety and not realizing how much work it would take to get things like this really worked out I didn't put this much time into working with Wiseco and they didn't put nearly as much effort into working with me and therefore I found out that the design that they were making for me was much further away than I thought from the original design I sent them.

I bet Arias and I have about 100 hours each into this round of work verifying chamber geometry, discussing design and making sure that everything is dialed in as well as these pistons can be.
Numbers have been fixed. All 16v compression ratios will be based off a 36cc chamber volume, all pistons are being changed to a 30.5mm compression height to match the OEM and put the piston nominally flush with the deck.

Over the next couple months they will be redesigning their pistons with these new specs and coming out with part numbers for the new designs.
In the mean time I can still get you great deals on their current designs and can likely get small changes made like getting it made with the proper compression height.
Currently right now I can get you shelf pistons for $480 plus shipping.

I am also working on two semi shelf pistons that will be available only through me.
The first is my non interference design for the Tomei Poncams. These have been popular for DD type builds just due to the added security of the non interference design. They are designed only for stock valves to keep the crown as low as possible.
These will be 11.2:1 compression ratio.
On the poncam piston I highlighted in red the additional area designed to act as a little extra squish area where no other shelf piston does.


The other design is also 11.2:1 but is non interference, will accommodate bigger valves while still having a lower crown. This piston can accomodate more cam than you would want to run on a shelf piston.


These two Matrix Garage pistons will be $520

This design is based off my 14:1 piston which means that it will be easy for us to use this design to make custom pistons of just about any compression ratio for just about any cam with only small changes to the design.
I don't have a price for custom pistons yet but it should be very reasonable.

This will also take my 16v Power upgrade package deal from $1,150 to $1,040 and give you the option of either above piston.

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