Built 1G-GTE engine

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Built 1G-GTE engine

Postby GZE_RA21 » Fri Oct 28, 2022 1:59 am

How's it going club4ag fam, I got a 1G-GTE engine for sale with lots of goodies. If you're interested you probably already know about this thing and the potential it has. Would be a drop in swap for A Mk3 supra FWIW. Also comes with OST-049 port and polished head, there's a whole thread on here with the details.

Quick breakdown of parts includes full stock bottom end with I believe was the 8.5:1 static compression pistons and forged rotating components
Fully ported polished and machined head with custom ground cams (details upon request)
IIRC sheepy built intake w/ throttle body and stock manifold
Full mil spec wiring harness pinned for haltec ecu
Complete factory toyota bottom end bearing and thrust washers
Full head gasket and top end seal kit
Fuel rail
Adjustable cam gears
Clutch pressure plate and flywheel w/ NOS 1G to W58 bellhousing
All engine peripherals and new denso starter
ARP main and head stud kit
New Toyota water pump and seal
Factory manual ECU
OEM piston ring set
New dizzy cap and rotor + plug wires and cover plate for COP setup
Stock exhaust manifold with factory twin turbo setup
More goodies too but that's most of it, see more in pics
Not in a rush to sell but shoot an offer, please no lowball offers though, as you can see a lot went into this. Thanks C4AG!

Located in north county San Diego
949 872 4990, text preferred if you have questions etc.