GZE piston into the "new" ZR block

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GZE piston into the "new" ZR block

Postby Gino1X1 » Thu May 11, 2017 8:39 am

A couple of questions. We've acquired a 1ZRFE longblock out of a Voxy and the owner is contemplating a low psi turbo built up. Low psi as in under 1bar. So we looked into the possibility of fitting a set of hi-comp GZE pistons into that engine, fully aware we shall have to overbore that block 0.5mm oversize.

So, will said block (in general, that is) take that overbore?

Is the GZE piston top volume okay with the cyl head chamber?

And then..... seeing my experience with the 1ZZFE is a kind of a throwaway engine, shall it still be durable enuff/enough for dd?

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