AE86 Tie rod options/interchangablity

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AE86 Tie rod options/interchangablity

Postby GreenLantern » Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:31 pm

So I've been researching what options I have as far as inner/outer tie rods for my 87' but I need some advice as I have a power rack (lines looped) currently but plan on getting an AW11 rack in the very near future. I've seen that people keep the power steering knuckles and some use manual rack rods, some use power. I'm having a hard time finding disadvantages/advantages and information on this to see what tie rods I could buy/install now on my power rack and be able to swap them over to the manual rack when the time comes. I WAS going to hold off on getting the rods altogether until I actually convert to manual rack BUT while replacing front suspension parts and front brakes the other day I discovered my driver side tie rod is tweaked pretty good. So any advice on what I could use on my power rack and still use on the manual rack would be MUCH appreciated!

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