16v with 20vst ITB---TPS wiring??

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16v with 20vst ITB---TPS wiring??

Postby NAallDAY » Fri Jan 25, 2013 4:57 pm

simple question for someone that knows. on silvertop itb's, the tps sensor and pigtail has 4 wires. the ae86 chassis tps plug for the usdm throttle body also has 4 wires, but i know i need the tps connector from the itb swapped onto the harness. which wires go together??

- ive BEEN looking for a few days with no luck, im not wiring guru i hate wiring. all ive been finding is people talking about their blacktop itb's and it's 3 wire plug, mine is 4 wire. someone help me out! please :)

also on a side note, i have the MSPNP2 plugged in, but that thing is easily TWICE the size of the oem ecu. has no if ands or buts about it.....its too big. anyone post pics of where and how you mounted yours??

**edit** found a fwd forum that said they are supposed to be opposed, as if you lay the colors out and flip them, can anyone attest to the credibilty of this?

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