taking car out of storage, do & don'ts?

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taking car out of storage, do & don'ts?

Postby GTSROLLA86 » Thu Jul 03, 2014 6:41 am

Good day all, I'm not new to the group but had to create a new profile 'cause its been that long since I posted last(couldn't remember my login or email I originally used, sucks to b me).

I have a AE86 that has been in storage for about 5 years now, due to an accident I was in with a different vehicle.

I was in the middle of my restoration dropped a newly rebuilt motor never got a chance to start it and run it so it never got broken in, new tranny fluid was added rear was left dry full tank of gas that I could remember no calipers so system is dry. Other than the obvious what should be done to bring it back to life. I plane on replacing all calipers, lines and master cylinder, also the slave for the clutch. The real questions i have is what should be done to the engine should it be broken down and reassembled or should I just change the fluids and hope for the best. Any and all help will be appreciated.

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Re: taking car out of storage, do & don'ts?

Postby ga_goosh » Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:56 am

your engine is probably fine. if you never started it then it is probably still covered with all the builders lube. you could probably go with out changing coolant since it was new. you have to understand that fluids usually go bad due to heat. its really no different then sitting in a bottle on the shelf at the auto parts. i would change out the gas tho. your trans is good to go. the most attention to detail i would give would be to the brakes and suspension. other then that start her up. i had a car stored for 3 years and it didnt take much to get it going. the main thing was brakes in my case.
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