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Posted: Sat May 17, 2014 4:45 pm
so a few weeks back I was driving and about to stop at a stop sign I was probably going 10mph slowing down as the car dies. Push start car to make it home. So after I got it home just died and wont start however it will crank. I changed the battery the alternator the starter . About 6 months ago I replaced cap and rotor spark plugs and fuel pump it had bad gas so I drained out the bad gas and replaced with stock fuel pump. To begin with the car I had a maf problem so I got a mr2 maf and rwaced it and it ran fine although it sputters here and there I checked all my fuses the efi fuse and the open circuit fuse my circuit fuse looks like it has no defects but I tried my friends open circuit fuse and car turned on and I drove it around the block and let it run for about 15 mins I turned it off thinking that was the problem and I switch my old one back and ordered a new one from autozone I wanted to drive it around again so I borrowed it from my friend again and it wouldnt start im so confused on what the problem is I belive its a fuel or maf problem some pleaaasssseee hellpppp I hate asking for rides and I refuse to take my car to a shop I know its probably something simple thanks in advance