S13/14/15 front lower control arm on AE86

Latino Hibino
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S13/14/15 front lower control arm on AE86

Postby Latino Hibino » Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:32 pm

I know of people using the S chassis (S13, S14, S15) lower control arms to use the S chassis coilover options on the AE86, but what I want to know is if I can use the knuckle from the AE86 onto the S chassis LCA. I'm not worried about about the tension rod holes lining up, because I can always shut those, and drill new ones. Yes, yes, I can buy the T3 ones for $375, but I'm not exactly rich, nor do I have the resources to do the weld on kit for $175. lol. Thanks in advance.

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