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AE86 Supercharged 3.8L v6 (Corolla GT-P)

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 9:08 pm
Check it out finally got the engine started in my AE86 project! Project dubbed Toyota Corolla GT-P

Some of the mods to the car
Engine: 1997 L67 3.8L v6 (Stock ratings 240hp/270ft lbs trq. Who knows what it is now with the mods and ECU reprogrammed Will dyno after )
Headers, 2.5" down pipe, to Y to single 3" exhaust
3.4" ZZP Pully and Ported Supercharger
Transmission: 1997 Camaro T5 With a Mustang Shifter
Flywheel/Clutch: 1997 Camaro 3.8
Bellhousing: 1995 S10
Differential: 1981 Toyota Celica/Supra
Front coilovers cut and installed Koni Race shocks with QA1 coilover sleeves and springs
Front breaks RX7 4 pot Calipers with Slotted 2009 Mini Cooper S rotors re-drilled to 114.3x4
Rear QA1 coilovers
Rear shock towers strengthened

Here are some pics

Re: AE86 Supercharged 3.8L v6 (Corolla GT-P)

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 10:11 pm
by jondee86
WOW !!! Some serious modding going into this install :) Should be a weapon
when it hits the road.

Cheers... jondee86

Re: AE86 Supercharged 3.8L v6 (Corolla GT-P)

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 5:44 pm
by jinx
looks like the same AE 3800 seen posted on a forum a couple years ago ?
A GTP guy on the old 3TC forum, posted his L67 KE rolla 10+ yrs back

With the 3800 torque band, if you nail the gearing, car would rip. Even the normally aspirated version
Coming from buick V6s, crossing over into imports.... the 3800 was my first swap choice, for my TE72 corolla.
Abandoned the idea since at the time, I lacked the fab skills: M90 elbow, headers, oil pan/pickup mods, etc

Wound up installing a non-US starion 2.0 instead : far easier swap, like oem fit. Performance was xstasy

Are those aluminium ARC welding rods.... and which welder ?

gotta respect that effort

Re: AE86 Supercharged 3.8L v6 (Corolla GT-P)

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 9:04 pm
Yeah I did post something a few years back about my project but I was like just starting to fit the engine in and was dealing with the oil pan issue. Since then I ended up contacting a dude from Australia who races 3800 and he was kind enough to send me a oil pan, pickup, oil filter housing for free and I just needed to pay the shipping. It still costed me like $120.00 and took 4 months to ship but once I got it, it was a perfect fit since it was a front sump and it just squeezed right in between the cross member and sway bar.

My T5 transmission gearing is
with a 3.73 final drive ratio
It won't be the fastest for the 1/4 mile but with the amount of torque and gearing it'll be a highway killer

No I modified and welded the Eaton M90 Supercharger with my Miller Dynasty 200DX TIG welding machine used 6063 TIG welding rods.

Congrats on you swap and build. I support all swaps I think they all have their pros and cons. The reason for my build was this engine was in my daily Buick Regal GS and the transmission started to slip and I felt that it was fairly quick in my Buick and now halving the weight the engine gotta haul around will make it feel even faster. And the potential for mods to double the power out put would cost about 2-3k which is what that would cost to just do some swaps.

Thanks a lot man. Cheers

Re: AE86 Supercharged 3.8L v6 (Corolla GT-P)

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 5:35 am
by jinx
That hammerhead looking oil pan is wierd & elaborate. Good job on the fit
I mentioned to the GTP guy on 3TCforum, get ready for a fight. End result was a major 'front mounted steering rack' deal. Got it done tho

i thought those rods laying around in your bellhousing pictures were ARC
My neighbour used his big TIG for aluminium, until the Miller failed. By chance he tried a Mig/spool from Eastwood. Miller's collecting
He preferred its 'speed' by far, for the thicker stuff. Another neighbour done 1/8 ok, with Everlast Stick but nothing thicker yet

I had to 'take gearing out' of my 2.0L turbo rolla. 1, because lighter vehicle and 2, starion oem 14" tire considerably taller than the

195/50-15 I ran. Starion diff 3.45, I wound up with a 3.23 s10 rear diff. Car still would pin u, leaving long black lines in 1st, stock turbo. 3.08 would've prob been ideal... especially with a moded staz 2.0

With the buick tq band in a lightwt hull, you should have a 'spirited' street car, with response everywhere. Not hi revvers tho
Read up on a bunch of 3800 rolla swaps down under. First KE 4 door had a gen I 3800 + W58 5 speed. Even with a poorly matched 4:30 diff ratio,

it still ET 14.3! I really believe a bone stock fine tuned normally aspirated 3800 in a perfectly geared rolla, will outgun a full built GZE

only "cons" about the mitsu 2.0L rolla swap, was that they didn't leave the Toyota factory like that
Getting older I've somehow come to appricate same-brand swaps ALOT more tho..... maybe in a 'preserving these old relics' sort of way?
My final AE hatch will get another starion 2.0, only because its my favourite motor and favourite hull
My CA18 coupe will most likely wind up 1UZ, after I get thru playing with that dirty nissan 1.8 turbo

Re: AE86 Supercharged 3.8L v6 (Corolla GT-P)

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 5:51 am
by jinx
oh, a couple years back, I bought a L67 with a slipping reverse gear. No immediate plans, but couldn't pass up a '$200 deal'.
I stripped out the motor/loom/ecu etc.. and tucked it away. Scrapped the hull
A friend has a 2 door Chevy chevette he's undecided on. I told him, "ready when u are" - lol

Re: AE86 Supercharged 3.8L v6 (Corolla GT-P)

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 9:54 am
Yeah there is a HUGE following down under for the 3800 which I didn't know about until contacting some guys in Australia and then finding out they had their own series of open wheel racing with 3800 engine. Thought that was pretty awesome. I felt like the L67 was a great deal of an engine for size, weight, power and cost compared to almost any other option I was looking at. Originally I was building a 4age 20v with 4agze pistons and rods and was going to turbo it but it started costing wayyy more than I wanted and I woulda maybe been at stock L67 power and still had the unreliable T50 transmission.

That hammer head oil pan is th stock Holden Commodore Oil Pan and I was so surprised that it fit as well as it did. The major issue was the build was the starter being on the side of the steering column but I moved it over 1/4" and it cleared and seems to work perfect. Steering rack I had to change to a manual MR2 (AW11) Rack to get oil pan clearance.

Eventually I would like to build the bottom end of the L67 and blue print it balance it so I can get some higher revs cuz this engine sounds really good at high revs but needs to be built to get there.

Well if you are ever welding thick gauge aluminum best thing to do is pre-heat it so your welding doesn't need to work as hard to heat the piece up to start welding it.

I was looking at many other options for swaps for my corolla 20v was the first idea but I wanted something with more power, 1uz was an idea but for weight to power I thought it was too heavy. Wanted a SR20DET but didn't end up getting the deal that I wanted. 3sgte or 3sge Beams was an option but its an expensive swap cuz need the custom bell housing and a few other things that just made it way most costly than I wanted. Recently I started to really like the K24 engines cuz its a high revving 4cyl that can get 260hp N/A easy which would go really well with the AE86 and you can get an engine for like 300-500$ at any wreckers and they are a dime a dozen so if you blow it up you can replace it very easy. But again to do the swap its still some what pricey while the MX-5 guys say its about $10,000 to do a K24 swap cuz you need the RSX-R head to to get all the good race parts and what not.
And now i was thinking about the LS v8 engine which would has been awesome but never found an engine for sale so that ended. I'm right now helping a buddy put a LS1 in his 1992 Mazda Miata MX-5. Which I think my next project will be a MX5 LS or a MR2 with a K24.

But after getting my L67 in the corolla I started checking out the Camery 3.5L v6 2grfe and thought if I kept it in the Toyota Family i think I woulda wanted to go with that engine. I see all those Mr2/MRs with the swap and it makes amazing power and its a Toyota engine. The Lotus Evora run those engines and they are a super car. But again I would need a custom bellhousing and I would probably have to make a custom oil pan and all that stuff so for a FR set up it would have been more intensive then to just put one in an MR2

Dude the Chevette with the L67 would go really well since I seen people drop 350's in them so there is more than enough room for the little v6. The biggest issue is the stupid Eaton M90 supercharger only being set up for FWD. I am probably going to be selling my Eaton M90 Gen 3 eventually cuz I wanna build the Gen 5 with a bigger throttle body and bigger elbow to get more air for more power, but I feel eventually I'll probably turbo it cuz I can't get a intercooler plate to fit under the Supercharger since I only have about 1/4" of space between my SC pulley and the hood and it'll raise my Supercharger another 1.5" to 2" higher :/

So I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New years to all of you and much Peace and Love.

Re: AE86 Supercharged 3.8L v6 (Corolla GT-P)

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 3:17 pm
by jinx
turbo 4AGE $$ was adding up... then I realised Nissan did everything for me: CA18, and it "just fits" the AE without cutting or hammering
Starter and oil filter under the intake, unlike stupid toyota 4AGE. Gearbox alot stonger + smoother shifting. Mod-friendly electronics.
A clubmember street S13 hit 700+, still on mild 260ยบ hydraulic Tomei cams. Poke the slut with a stick, she'll scare you silly

A detailed swap thread on club4ag, weighed the 1UZ same as the SR20det he was replacing. Incredible how toyota accomplished that: 4L = 2L
With less than ideal rear diff, the UZ AE86 still managed a 13.2sec ET! ...with excellent street tq. Good stuff
KA24 peak hp may be similar, but drive nothing alike. All depends on what is priority with the car.

I moved a 5.3 chevy avalanche motor around the floor. I'd never put that motor in any 2000# import. That sucker's HEAVY! Alloy only

When u get into modding, $$$ rack up, especially for supercharged. Law of diminishing returns takes over
Wise to stick to a powerplant that will be close to your goal as is, or with 'minor' modding imo
Also, I stay clear of 'difficult' swaps, as there is always a cheaper equal performer than fits better/less fuss

Check out how water/meth injection woke up this supercharged 3RZ AE86. May be of use to you. Imagine if he was standalone tuned ... AE86/page3

RZ also another cool toyota rolla swap option in good suppply. This turbo RZ made over 500hp/500tq unopened. How fast u wanna go ? ... and-steady

Re: AE86 Supercharged 3.8L v6 (Corolla GT-P)

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:32 pm

Re: AE86 Supercharged 3.8L v6 (Corolla GT-P)

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 9:23 am
by Jayrdee
Dude this is sick!

Post up more pictures!!

Re: AE86 Supercharged 3.8L v6 (Corolla GT-P)

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:46 pm
Yeah keep checking the Imgur account. I keep adding pictures there.

Re: AE86 Supercharged 3.8L v6 (Corolla GT-P)

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:06 pm
by Franken_Hachi
this is an option I never would of thought of. A+