1985 GT-S coupe

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1985 GT-S coupe

Postby Sinistar » Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:46 pm

I'm selling my GT-S coupe can't have a second car. The corolla does not have the 4age in it or the trans t-50 in it. It has a Kaaz in it with a TRD ring and pinion 3.77 I think new wheel bearings on the axles new calipers slotted and drilled rotors and driveshaft still in it. I put new mounts on trans and engine block. I tore the engine down the head gasket blew had the crank polished up and new journal and connecting rod bearings. I'm at a loss of all what I had bought extra but here it goes.

two t-50 trans
four cressida rims
lots of engine parts mr2 4age
interior stuff
steering rack
2 or 3 turn signal switches
mr2 front black carpet (cleaned too)

I can't remember all that I have, But I really and trying to get this stuff gone. I shall make a list and get a edit on this post soon. Thanks for reading up.

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Re: 1985 GT-S coupe

Postby FrankP » Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:57 pm

Post some pictures and your location to see how far you are from me, have a friend looking for a 240sx or ae86