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84 AE86 SR5

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:29 pm
by kumi86
well i have no choice but i'm selling my beloved 86 i had owned this car for almost 3 years now i built it from the ground up when i got it there was nothing left i got a body with a trunk i put close to 10 grand in this car but i ended up wrecking it and put it somewhat back together but reality's setting it and i realized i just can't bare with this one anymore shes an sr5 with a healthy 4ac *i know shitty motor lol* the accident killed the radiator and alt but it still runs but to make her a driver again you need to replace those 2 things it has megan lowering springs a fresh clutch with 800 miles on it newer tires has gts interior but its all miss matched and no carpet it has a t3 shifter rebuild kit factory sunroof that works it HAD a levin front end but that was mangled in the crash i replaced the core support on it she may not be pretty right now but with some work she'll be beautiful again i would like to get $1500 for her the only main problem is no title BUT it is registered under the 3 year bonding rule in wa state the title will be in november 2018 i can have it all put into your name to make sure the title goes to you she was a good car to me but i cant keep up with her i would consider a trade for a 86 shell if anyone has one i rarely check this forum so best way to get ahold of me is at 509 218 8550 call or text car is located in spokane wa Image Image

Re: 84 AE86 SR5

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:35 pm