1973 Toyota Corolla TE27 S-5 big project or parts

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1973 Toyota Corolla TE27 S-5 big project or parts

Postby maxhelm » Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:14 pm

Hello all,

Some of you may have seen this car before. I won't lie to you- it needs a lot of work. My original intention was to do a full body strip and rebuild. Motor has a rattle in 1st cylinder, but as far as I can tell is the stock unit (2TC). I have done a partial teardown of the car/engine, which definitely doesn't make it look any better. Transmission is a T50 unit, and has a quick throw shifter and nice clutch. Included is everything I've got. This car actually ran for a period of time until I decided I wanted to swap the motor.


The previous owner(s) had some bright ideas and had done some, er "modifications" to the body. Chiefly these include side vent deletes, and "frenched in" Mercedes taillights. I've done a lot of work and spent a lot of money sourcing ALL the panels/lights/trim needed to bring the body back to stock. That having been said, it definitely needs a deep tissue massage from a body work master.

Rust is low. There is some surface rust on the inside of the trunk (and who knows what behind all the bondo where the C-pillar vents were). There is also corrosion under the rocker panels. This car came from Nevada, and has spent its whole life in AZ/NV/UT so far as I can tell. I've kept it in a garage for 95% of the time I've had it.

Those of you well-versed in these cars will know that the front valance in 1973 cars is super rare as it was a one-year only design. I have done some work restoring it, but it is an open canvas for you to decide how to finish. Rear valance is not stock, but hey, you're getting another stock item with sale. Hood has a couple small dents and light corrosion on the front lip, but includes the valance trim that literally took me 3 years to find. Trunk has a small dent, but should be easy to hammer out.

Suspension was a step that I did manage to tackle. I bought the T3 AE86 coilover conversion kit and installed it with T3 RCA's, T3 camber plates, and AE86 front brakes. That alone is worth $1500. Rear suspension is stock, but included is a set of KYB adjustable shocks.

Fuel tank is rough on the outside, but POR 15'd on the inside, and the fuel lines have been given a thorough going over by yours truly.

Interior is pretty damn fugly. I ripped the headliner out, and had the intention of ripping everything out and rebuilding/recovering/recarpeting/rear seat delete/custom dash/etc. Dash is missing some parts, most notably, the climate control panel/levers. Blower fan is still in. Door cards are actually pretty good, but some of the chrome trim is cracked. All the weather seals are there, but not in good shape.

One rear window is cracked. All other glass is in excellent condition.

No bumpers with this one. I was always planning on fabbing up some steel tubular items. No badges either, save for the grill emblem.

I bought a set of vintage AME wheels (the ones that Fatlace and AME reissued) in 13"x7". Bolt pattern is 114.3. ZERO MILE Falken Ziex tires on them. They will be included in the sale for an extra $700 or sold separately.

Wheels/tires included in sale are the 14"x 7" Celica/Supra 4 spokes in great shape with plenty of tread on the rubber.

I also sourced a set of NEW IN BOX OEM Toyota Fender Mirrors (correct for this car). Those will be included in the sale for an extra $100 or sold separately.

So here's the fun part. Make me an offer. I know what this car is worth, but TBH I'm tired of the burden. I'm moving soon and would like to live without having to pay extra for a garage for once. Let my loss be your gain. Hell, buy the car, strip it for whats valuable, and chunk it. I will entertain all offers. I will also be posting this ad on Club 4AG. I would really feel good about myself if this went to somebody who had the ability to give it a new lease on life. I interned at JDM Legends here in SLC, so I know a bit about this stuff.

This isn't the car you buy to restore to stock (unless you're into doing things the reallly hard way). This was going to be my canyon carver, daily driver, hard used fun vintage car. I love this chassis for its versatility and size/weight.

Car is located in Downtown SLC, UT. It's a roller, so would be able to put onto a trailer/shipping car.

I think I've done a good job describing everything, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Email is best: maxhelm.motter@gmail.com

I made an Imgur album for you. These were all taken on 2/19/17. http://imgur.com/a/MOvai

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