SoCal (San Bernardino) late night 20v Swap Help

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SoCal (San Bernardino) late night 20v Swap Help

Postby AE86DailyDriver » Sat Apr 12, 2014 8:19 am

So anyways, I was gonna have a mechanic buddy of mine do my swap for me, but Im getting restless and paying him $600 bucks when I'm not positive how well his work will be has me second guessing it....So I am thinking I might go to harbor freight this afternoon before work and pick up some shop tools (Engine Hoist, engine stand, load leveler, transmission jack, and shop light), so I can start tinkering a bit when I get off work each night. I'm a night owl...sleep during the day, work in the evenings, up late nights and early morning.

Only problem is that I have absolutely no idea on what the hell I am doing. I mean, even just removing the head off off my 4A-C was a chore for me. haha.
I've heard some forum guys can get lucky and find other members near them that can give a hand, for nothing more than sharing their beer and put up for a pizza. So I figured I'd give that a try.

So if anyone is in or near the Inland Empire area of SoCal (more specifically North San Bernardino), and has some experience with any field that I need for my swap, then I'd love to have you over for some quick advice or whatnot.
Now the juicy parts. I have a stock automatic 1984 SR5 and I am trying to swap a basically turn-key 20v motor into it. Already has the SQ Waterline kit, has a complete t50 trans already bolted up, Tweak'd SR5 to 20v harness, and alreasdy set-up for and running COP's. Engine did NOT come with exhuast manifold, but I have a 16v stock manifold and downpipe as well both heat shields and O2 sensor...So that ought to suit it temporarily just to get her running. I also have a BT ECU (A/T) coming in the beginning of next week along with BT MAP and TPS sensors.

I'm in the process of hunting down the parts i needs for the EFI conversion, as well as the parts I need for the Stick-shift conversion. However, I am still a ways from having everything i need for the stick-shift I may just try to see if we can get it running mated to the A43DL automatic (Yes, blasphamy I know...But Im actually pretty curious to see if the swap would be plausible).

So if you are a night owl & close enough to my area and might have experience with the EFI conversion (I have an idea of the best route to take, but not sure), the 20v swap in general, running the Tweak'd harness, or the auto-to-manual conversion, then I'd love to hear from you and maybe you could help me out sometime.

Oh and just to note, Im a cook, so I'd probably be able to grab some decent food from one of my jobs (both are Bar and grill type places)...Two-layered Pesto-Alfredo Pizza, BeerCheese Burger, Cajun Cod Po-boy, and Philly Cheese Steak Pasta are a few of my own concontions I have made at work (from my 5-day/week job) that are a big hit. And I'm not picky on Beer, so whatever your brand, Im down to get (Excpet for the "American Ale" that Budwieser came out with a few years ago, that stuff was/is terribad!). Not a beer drinker?...then maybe I'll grab a couple of 2 litter Sodas and a blttle of your poison of choice to take a nip on every so often. So yeah, there's your incentive.

No set dates or times, Just know that 6 days/week i'm usually working between 4pm to 11pm, and typically sleeping from the morning until I need to get up for work. So late nights and Early mornings are typically my best times to get work done. But obviously I do not expect the rest of the world to work on my Vampire-esque hours, so I'd be flexible with the time.

Feel free to reply back here, or email at:
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Re: SoCal (San Bernardino) late night 20v Swap Help

Postby brogelio » Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:07 pm

Why don't u ask your buddy to help you in his free time? That way you can prolly pay him in food and drank.
You guys might learn new stuff that way too.

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Re: SoCal (San Bernardino) late night 20v Swap Help

Postby mideng » Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:46 pm

It's not brain surgery.... Any negro at vatoloco could help.....

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