Quaife price increase

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Quaife price increase

Postby yoshimitsuspeed » Thu Jan 07, 2016 11:27 am

I just found out Quaife is raising their prices significantly in February. Markups from 4% to over 20% depending on the part so if anyone has been thinking about buying anything Quaife now is the time to jump on it.

My distributor has 3 AW11 quick steering racks in stock. I have another here.
QSF22E003 increase will be 24.7%
http://matrixgarage.com/products/quaife ... -rack-aw11

Unfortunately there are no C50/52 and S54 series diffs in stock but if we placed the order now we could still get them with current pricing. It would take about a month to get from Quaife.
QDF15E increase will be 4.7%
http://matrixgarage.com/products/quaife ... ential-lsd

E series diffs for GZE AW11 and SW20 turbo currently my distributor has 6 in stock.
QDF17E increase will be 4.7%
http://matrixgarage.com/products/quaife ... ential-lsd

C60 LSD 10 in stock
QDF21E increase will be 18.4%
http://matrixgarage.com/products/quaife ... fferential

I can also get anything else Quaife so if you want me to check on anything hit me up.

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