Vendor section rules

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Vendor section rules

Postby yoshimitsuspeed » Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:31 am

there will be no replica/counterfeit products being sold
There is a lot of grey area where some will agree or disagree however the definite cut off is a part being sold under another companies name.
For example if you are trying to sell a clutch advertised as Aisin that was not actually manufactured by Aisin that will not be accepted and will likely result in being banned, possibly without warning.
If anyone sees anyone selling counterfeit parts here or thinks they may have unknowingly gotten a counterfeit part please let us know.

For businesses selling in this section
In your threads include either a link to your website that must also contain your personal contact info or in the thread list

Business Name
Phone Number
Physical Address
Representative Name.

if Individual and not commercial, we will require FULL NAME, phone number, and paypal verified email address.

Only one thread can be bumped by the vendor per day and only 4 active threads per user on the first page at any given time

If you have suggestions about rules you think should be added or changed post them in this thread.


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