Brian Crower 1.8L 4age Parts

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Brian Crower 1.8L 4age Parts

Postby Jayrdee » Wed Nov 02, 2022 6:11 am

Looking to clear some garage space and figured I would post up my Brian Crower 4age parts. I got everything in a trade deal a few years ago, and they've been sitting on my shelf ever since. All parts are brand new and still in the box.

Located in Lexington, Kentucky USA
Prices are negotiable

Here is the full list:

    Toyota 4AGE Stroker Kit - 83mm Stroke/ProH625+ Rods/Carrillo 11:1 Pistons
    (BC0360) - $3,500

    Toyota 4AGE 16v Intake Valves (32mm / +1.5mm) - set/8
    (BC3362) - $150

    Toyoya 4AGE 16v Exhaust Valves (27mm / +1mm) - set/8
    (BC3363) - $150

    Toyota 4AGE 16v - Intake Valve Guides
    (BC3938) - $65

    Toyota 4AGE 16v - Exhaust Valve Guides
    (BC3939) - $65

    Toyota 3SGTE/4AGE Billet Keepers/Locks (fits BC2300 and BC2351 - 6mm)
    (BC2951) - $90

    Toyota 4AGE 16v Single Spring/Titanium Retainer Kit
    (BC0365) - $250
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