Engine Block Components 4AGE 16v

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Engine Block Components 4AGE 16v

Postby Alex170984 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:26 pm


I have finally collected my old engine block from my mates garage, after swapping to 4AGZE last April!

I cannot remember what the crank was like in terms of condition or if I had any noises prior to the conversion. If I get time this week I will strip it to have a look.

Its a 7-rib block which has been bored to suit the NPR 81.5 diameter pistons I put in it. There are not OEM but did not fail even after my belt snapped and the cylinder head was destroyed (all 16 valves bent). It has the 42mm crankshaft.

Oil pump, water pump, flywheel, crank (dependant on condition), pistons and block all for sale.

The strainer inside is missing, as I used the sump from this for my 4AGZE as I wanted to run with the oil cooler arrangement. The sump fitted does not have an outlet for the oil cooler and whilst I was removing this, I broke the strainer.

Crank -£75 (depending on condition) + postage or collection
Oil Pump - £40 + postage or collection
Water Pump - £0 + postage or collection
Pistons - (with rings, but would recommend replacing) - £40 + postage or collection
Flywheel - £40 + postage or collection
Engine block with main caps £50 - collection only due to weight. (currently painted Red)
Elusive Crankshaft Pulley - £50 + postage or collection - this has a few chips around it's perimeter but it still in good shape - see above photo.




Collection from Wickford, UK.

I am going to keep the conrods as I've just had to painfully buy another OEM set for my 4AGZE and they seem to be quite valuable of late.

Let me know if anyone of you are interested, but these will be listed on other 4AGE associated forums.

Thanks for Looking!

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