AE86 parts in the Baltimore area **UPDATED**

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AE86 parts in the Baltimore area **UPDATED**

Postby povertymobile » Mon Sep 19, 2016 4:30 am



I have a bunch of parts for sale from my 1986 GT-S. I've been replacing the suspension and the brakes so basically everything I've taken off can go. Willing to ship anything, however buyer pays shipping.

Here's a list of what I think I've got. Shoot me an email @ for pictures or more information about anything on the list. I should be adding a few parts here & there so be sure to check back.

- I have full budget handling package for techno toy tuning with bolt on coil overs. ( ... 86-corolla). I have this installed on my 86 with the stock strut casing, drivers side is fine but the passenger side strut casing has started to strip where it connects to the lower control arm. I didn't wanna go through the hassle of putting it on another strut casing so I just got coil overs. Never ended up using this package. I've left the rear struts compressed as well. Would include my strut casings with the coil overs mounted. I'd recommend replacing the passenger side. $1050. I'd be willing to sell the components separately as well.

- Old school thick blue front sway bar: Not sure what brand this is but it's a lot beefier than the stock unit. Granted it weighs a ton, but it looks really strong. $150

- Power steering rack with inner & outer tie rods $50

- Complete set of stock rear 4 links - $100

- 2x stock rear sway bar - $25

- stock rear springs - $40

- Rear springs - the guy I bought the car from said these were "TRD" springs. They're really long, longer than the stock spring. If anyone is interested in exact measurements please reach out. These springs have never been used & have no rust. $125

- Front strut casings with stock strut - 150 for the pair. ( these casings have a bit of wear, it looks like the previous owner had rims that made contact with them so there is a part where the metal is exposed on one side).

- Have 2 sets of rotors. All the rotors have surface rust but have plenty of life left in them. $65 for each set

- I have 2 sets of rear brakes with the e-brake cable still attached. I'm not sure how good the e-brake work on them though. Pretty sure they were working when I took them off, but it's been a few years. $50 a caliper (should be able to include brake pads as well)

- I have some front brake calipers as well. I believe I have a complete set & one spare, PM for me details. $40 a caliper

- Front lower control arms: I have 2 sets of these (passenger & drivers side) Both were off 1986 GT-S models. $60 for each set

- Radiator w/ electric fans : $65

- stock tension arms - 2 sets for the ae86. I'd sell them at $35 each or 60 for the pair.

- rear struts: I have 2 sets of rear struts as well. I'd like to sell them as a pair for $70. One pair is red & one is blue. Not sure if there is any difference.

- I also have a set of 15in rims for sale but they'd only be available for local pick up.

- Also have a set steelies with old school toyota T center caps, would sell the steelies plus the caps for 225, the tires have almost full tread. Would prefer local pick up for these as well.

- Open diff from a 1986 GT-S, $120.

Thanks for checking this out. Local pick up is welcomed, will bundle shipping too. Make me an offer if you feel my prices are too high, I want to sell this stuff.
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Re: AE86 parts in the Baltimore area

Postby v1ru5 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 3:55 pm

hey man, i'm interested in the two sets of wheels

what width and offset are the 15" wheels? can you send me pictures?

what size are the steel wheels?

my cell is 703 728 4309 if you can text me thanks.

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Re: AE86 parts in the Baltimore area

Postby KILLERGTZ » Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:50 pm

looking for a rearend housing. im in Philly. Know anyone that might have one? I have the axels and pumpkin just not the housing

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