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FS Levin Kouki Light set and grill

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:57 pm
by Big T
Hey all,

Have a full mint front light set to suit kouki levin. This includes the rare as f**k now discontinued kouki parker. Comes with kouki levin headlights with fog brackets and eyelids attached, non-fog letterbox grill (can be converted to fog type by cutting the template holes) and also the kouki parkers. Parkers also come with wiring harness/globes. Note there is one small crack on the rhs parker but it is actually internal so will not leak water. Check the pics

Kouki headlamps with fog brackets/eyelids: $450
Letterbox grill: $250
Parkers: $500

Or take the lot for $1100. Please note, prices are in AUD. I'm located in Sydney, Australia but am willing to post. Postage extra. Happy to take PayPal.