4ag sidedraft - exhaust debate

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4ag sidedraft - exhaust debate

Postby JulianTayloring » Sun May 20, 2018 2:24 pm

Hey club4ag.

I was hoping to gain some advise on my exhaust sytem set up. My kp61 has 4ag with weber side drafts. stock cams, a little over bore. The current exhaust is obx header to a straight-thru resonator 2.25" over axel to a random stainless straight-thru muffler.

Im old now and would like to tune down car to be more drive-able, maybe take my 1 year old son out in it. Its loud but have never had issue with the police. It drones on the freeway and I'm not looking to win any races.

My idea: keep the obx header to a ae86 replacement catalytic converter (walker or flowmaster) new 2" over axel to a turbo or chamber style (thrust or dynomax)

My mechanic friend thinks the cat is a waste of money, will limit flow and will burn up or clog quickly do to the rich running sidedrafted engine.

Does any one have experience with catalytic converters on rich running vehicles? I have not found much info in my searches on this subject. I do admit the carbs can use fine tuning but will my converter ignite my carpet on fire?

Thanks for any information or advice.

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Re: 4ag sidedraft - exhaust debate

Postby Jayrdee » Mon May 21, 2018 6:25 am

I agree with your mechanic, a replacement oem cat wouldn't do much to solve your problem, especially in terms of the sound of your exhaust. I can't really comment on the igniting your carpet on fire thing Lol ... but if you're wanting to get one, I would upgrade to a high flow cat or something, then get a new exhaust.

All your sound comes from your (or lack of) resonator and muffler anyways, so thats what I would worry about if you're simply wanting something more streetable.

Vibrant makes some good universal resonators and mufflers. There's a few AE86 exhaust videos with Vibrant components on YouTube too. I'm kind of in the market for a new exhaust as well so I've been searching what sounds good.
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