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Re: 4age on bike carbs

Postby mr2mk1hero » Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:45 am

She is alive!

I figured out how to work around the COR. I replaced it with a tachometric relay from a BMW. Seems to work great. I will soon post full details on the wiring.

There were some initial issues with the start up, I had a kink I missed in my fuel supply hoses.

Right now she is running rich, so there will be some carb tuning to come!

Also here's an image of my crankshaft position sensor bracket, more details on the whole Nodiz install will also be posted soon.

If you're interested in carbing your engine or want to support the D4A cause I have opened up a little shop. http://www.driving4answers.com/shop/ In the shop you can buy a 4age crankshaft position sensor bracket/ mount and the distributor hole plug in addition to the usual shirts and stickers :) I'm actually loosing money on the bracket and plug so I won't be making them. Have two brackets and three plugs left. All payments are through paypal and with included international shipping :)
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Check out my blog: http://www.driving4answers.com/
Heaps of 4A-GE and MR2 mk1 aw11 content on both.

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