Dipstick and dipstick tube length

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Dipstick and dipstick tube length

Postby rootednode » Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:41 am

I am running a silvertop bottom end and sump with a bigport head. I don't have the original silvertop dipstick or dipstick tube but I do have what I believe is a dipstick/tube from a 4ac. With about 4L of oil in the engine the dipstick is at about the halfway mark, it seems like it will take way too much oil to make this dipstick read full. I am having a hard time finding any information on the length of dipsticks and their tubes. Could someone with a similar setup or just another 4a in general to post a picture similar to this or just measure your dipstick/tube? Maybe we could create a dipstick/tube length database on here.


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