Motor Bracket/Mount - 4AGZE into 1986 MR2 swap

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Motor Bracket/Mount - 4AGZE into 1986 MR2 swap

Postby robroten » Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:31 pm

FINALLY restarting a dormant project.... Swapping a 4AGZE into a 1986 car. Problem is, I have parts from 3 different (one 1988 AGZE, one 1988 4AGE, one 1986 4AGE) MR2's floating around. I'm putting the 4AGZE into the 1986 car. I originally installed the motor into the chassis using what I believe to be the 1986 mount configuration, that is, the one on the right. It appeared too be low. The other mount, on the left (I believe it is from the 1988) sits 5/8" higher but the part on the chassis side is too wide (by 3/8 inch) to be a simple swap. (this mount is wider) I would have to do some serious grinding on the mount for it to slip into the chassis bracket.


My question is... Are these the only two mount configurations that everybody is aware of?

Has anyone done a similar swap in the past and what was the solution?

Thanks in advance... I'm betting I have a lot more questions before this thing hits the track again.


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