First project car question (AE92 with AE86 parts)

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First project car question (AE92 with AE86 parts)

Postby vlegionv » Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:33 am

I'm getting my hands on an 1989 corolla GTS for free, working condition and decent condition not counting paint, bone stock.
I'm wanting to teach myself a skill, so I've decided to use this as a project car. I'm tired of daily driving an automatic solara, and I'd like to enjoy something with my work and time invested too, plus manual transmission c:.
I've been spending the last week reading alot of the old threads about ae92 tuning, so I kind of have an idea of where I should be going in with it, after I do a clean up of all bushings and battery check/airfilter/basic stuff.

My real and only question right now;
from what I can gather on the internet, there's a far larger ae86 community, and thus far more parts.
However, Aren't the pre-91 corolla gts's the same engine as the ae86?
If so, would I be able to use ae86 parts in an AE92 engine?

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Re: First project car question (AE92 with AE86 parts)

Postby Rogue-AE95 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:08 pm

86 = RWD
92 = FWD

Different: intake, exhaust, water lines, water pump, and I think the bigport ECUs as well. Accessories might also be different, I don't know. Alternators for 86 & 92 bolt up in the same place, might even be the same brackets.

Internals are interchangeable between all 16 valve 4A-GEs, except cranks & rods have to match (40mm or 42mm rod "big end" journals). 40mm cranks/rods were in the earlier engines, but there's no definable point at which they stopped being used. Same for the 3-rib/7-rib blocks.
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