Which ABS is best? AE102 vs ZZE112

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Which ABS is best? AE102 vs ZZE112

Postby Gavin » Tue Jun 27, 2023 10:11 am

Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with different ABS systems on Corollas. I'm looking to retrofit a system on a AE101 I'm working on.

Toyota's wiring diagrams show that the later ABS systems found on the 98-2002 cars has the ABS ECU integrated into the actuator, so should be easier to install. I also think that these may have two separate outgoing channels to modulate the rear brakes. Anyone who has raced on this system have any notes?

I'm wondering which system works the best, and if anyone has any tips on installation.

My AE102 car only has one channel outgoing to the rear tires, while my MR2 has them all separate, according to the factory electrical manuals. I bought a 2001 wiring diagram manual to find out, but it doesn't specifically say the way the others do. Perhaps its normal for FF cars to have one outgoing channel to the rears? I think the ABS works perfectly on my 95 Corolla DX (made in Canada) in all conditions, so I'm partial to using that system, but it looks harder to install.

The actuator would likely be retrofit on the drivers side.

Thanks for any input,

Oh and heres an AE102 Autocross fan service video:
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