AE82 A/C Condenser

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AE82 A/C Condenser

Postby BlueAngel » Mon Feb 27, 2023 12:31 pm

Once again, here I am looking for help or advice from the experts here.

after almost every part in the corolla A/C been replaced (Evaporator, Rebuild Compressor, Dryer, Lines Seals, Etc, the only thing left to replace is the condenser because we still have a leak and the only part left to be replace is the condenser.
I have contacted Denso and they said it is discontinued and don't offer any direct replacement. all distributors that shows it available said they have to contact Denso to confirm availability. well, in conclusion the AE82 Condenser its not longer available anywhere. the original part number is:
Denso: 477-0131
Toyota: 88460-01011

does anybody here, had been through a similar situation, or have performed any modifications to a different condenser to make it work?
any advise will be greatly appreciated.

If this information help,
the Corolla has a AE0101 Silvertop 4AGE 20V installed and the compressor A/C lines were adapted to the original condenser of the AE82.

Thank you all in advance for your help.