Ae86 strut mount same as FWD?

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Ae86 strut mount same as FWD?

Postby Darksied101 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 11:42 am

Hey guys I'm looking to replace my strut mounts for my 86 but many parts stores say the fwd and rwd Corolla has the same strut mount. Is this true?

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Re: Ae86 strut mount same as FWD?

Postby jondee86 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:19 am

These are the Toyota OEM part numbers...

48609-20060 Corolla FWD DLX, DLX All Trac, FX, FX16, FX16 GTS, GTS, LE, SR5, SR5 All Trac
48609-12130 LH, Corolla RWD Sport DLX, Sport GTS, Sport SR5
48609-12100 RH, Corolla RWD Sport DLX, Sport GTS, Sport SR5

I am not aware that the FWD and RWD parts interchange. The RWD parts are different and
only fit on the correct side. It appears that the FWD parts are the same both sides. I see that
both types have a generic listing of "Toyota Corolla" with some parts duppliers, and the model
designations are similar. This is likely where the confusion comes about.

When buying you need to make sure that the supplier actually lists the part as crossing over
to the OEM Toyota part. Just... yeah, fits an 84 Corolla... will not be good enough :)

Cheers... jondee86
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