Another ae86/fc3/mini brake upgrade question.

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Another ae86/fc3/mini brake upgrade question.

Postby 4agshoob » Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:39 pm

So, ive got fc calipers, t3 brackets, silvermine 276mm drilled/slotted rotors, apex stainless lines.

Im researching before i purchase my master cylinder. Ive read 1" is overkill stiff, while the oem 13/16" is too long travel. With 7/8" and 15/16" hanging in the balance and 15/16 being on the "firmer" side.

I want to hear from you guys with manual brakes/no booster, who are running the fc brake setup. What do you have? How does it feel over stock?

Unfortunatly, my fiance's '99 ek civic got totaled back in 12/16. Fortunatly, ive already got her an ek9, and swapped all her stuff over. Just so happens her old master cylinder is a 7/8", and the 2 bolt holes line up with the toyota booster. Line holes are pretty legit in location too. Non abs car. Thoughts on the 7/8" master, with a booster delete?

Edit* car is being prepped for 1uzfe swap. Hence larger brakes. Yes i know the stock system with drilled/slotted rotors, dot5 fluid, ss lines, and good pads work well, (at least with a 220whp gze) but with more weight over the front, i wanted a bit more clamping force, over a larger diameter.

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