Track day brake pads

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Track day brake pads

Postby SR85DET » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:19 am

I know there are some discussion about brakes out there but I am looking to discuss track day pads only.

What do you use for your track days? Looking for
-what kind of pad Brand and type (model)
-how much time time on track each session/day
- same pads FRONT and REAR?

Less important but do you use them on the street? I will probably be swapping mine out for my street pads.

I personally am considering Porterfield RS4 based on price and review

I was disappointed to find that EBC only makes FWD pads (wtf). Would like these just bc their price and reputation is decent and that's what my friends are all running in different cars. Would have been an interesting comparison.

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Re: Track day brake pads

Postby SgtRauksauff » Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:29 am

One of my frequent tracks is Blackhawk Farms Raceway, near South Beloit, IL. I started out using Hawk HP-PLUS pads front and back. They were ok for autocrossing, But on track after about 2-3 laps things would get warm and squishy. I think this had more to do with there being very small thermal mass, and no way to dissipate it, so the heat kept building until the fluid, brakes, rotors, wheels, everything was hot. I actually boiled away my wheelbearing grease in a different car on this track. That car had more power and the same size brakes, and was heavier (turbo'd escort wagon). I don't recall the exact numbers, but I want to say 800°F is the top working range for the HP+.

Keep in mind, this was WITHOUT any cooling ducts. I then upgraded to Carbotechs, and when I was on the phone talking to the guy, with the weight of the car, and speeds involved, we were going with one type, then I mentioned a track day at Blackhawk the next week, and he's like, "Oh, Blackhawk Farms? That changes things." and we proceeded to fit XP8 on the rear, and XP10 on the front. Still no brake ducts, and a MASSIVE improvement. I could go out for the whole 20-minute session, at BHF or Milwaukee Mile, and only start to feel fade beginning at the last lap or two. I ran the Carbotechs for the rest of the season, and they did ok. They worked fine for AutoX, and i just left them on for the street also. they made a lot of dust, and squealed at times, but it wasn't too bad. We had an event at Brainerd Int'l raceway in MN, and I could finally start to feel fading somewhere near the 25-30 minute range. I had upgraded to a header and a AFPR at this point, but had not installed cams yet, so didn't quite have the speed/acceleration that I do now.

Cams went in, and for the next event at Brainerd I wanted even better brakes, because the car was getting seriously quick. A friend was using some Raybestos pads on his EVO, and loving them, so I looked into it. I ended up getting some ST-45 front, and ST-43 rear. Those are the best pads I have ever run across. I ALSO installed brake cooling ducts before this track day, but all said and done, I was able to run two back-to-back sessions, around 40-50 minutes, nonstop, with no fade at all. I only came in because it was the last session of the day and I had to pack up.

I was running Hankook/Hoosier race tires, also...


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