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... ISO: updated GDI vehicle roster ~

Postby asjoseph » Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:16 am

Dear Club4AGZE,

I'm searching high and low, and was hoping you people might be so kind as to point me in the right direction, locating an updated GDI vehicle roster, for the 2012 to 2016 model year.

Scouting used cars for a friend's daughter, we need a bona fide list of late model GDI vehicles (e.g., we need a list of "mixed-cycle" GDIs, as well).

That direct injection rapidly contaminates fossil petroleum beyond recognition, these GDIs require a specific type of synthetic, oftentimes a competition dry sump or remote oil filter, and the oil supply must be changed-out, oftentimes monthly, only at the dealership (e.g., key emphasis on the word "AND").

Direct injection vehicles, you can't use fossil based motor oil; you can't just use an off-the-shelf synthetic. Direct injection vehicles, you have to use a certain, particular type of synthetic. Taking your direct injection vehicle to the barrio brothers at your friendly local Jiffy Lube? Bless his soul, hope and pray their best 'n brightest chooses the correct synthetic! If Jiffy Lube's finest specs the wrong synthetic, could cost you upward of several thousand, void your power train warranty, void your emissions warranty, subject you to public humiliation on fight club forums in car culture, post traumatic stress, and such.

On paper, GDI looks wonderful. In the vernacular, efficiency gains from GDI are, at best, ephemeral. You wind up paying at the pump a tax for detergent additive your car never uses. That conventional fuel additives never hit the back of the valves on GDIs, inevitable sooting, coking and caking soon to reverse all efficiency gains of direct injection technology can only be removed (1) replacing the cylinder head(s), (2) breaking OEM gaskets and cleaning the valves manually, and/or (3) introducing proprietary chemical detergent agents via the air intake likely to adversely affect emissions; throttle body; turbocharger; spontaneous workshop explosions; etc.; etc.; ad nausium.

For you conspiracy buffs out there, scrolling down GDIs on the link below, an argument you could otherwise level automakers allegedly use GDIs to foist high maintenance vehicles upon an unsuspecting public -- you might just have a point; you might even raise an eyebrow, or two:

http://www.windingroad.com/articles/rev ... ers-guide/

Authored 2011, the Winding Road people aren't keeping their GDI vehicle roster updated. If anyone has an updated GDI vehicle roster, then many thanks to you if you would be so kind as to copy 'n paste, or provide a link?

- Samuel, Supercharged MR2


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