WTB: Perfect/near-perfect gray zenki USDM GT-S door cards

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WTB: Perfect/near-perfect gray zenki USDM GT-S door cards

Postby Jesse » Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:12 pm

Greetings! I'm finishing up on restoring my 1985 GT-S interior. Carpet, dash, console, etc are done. My door cards have some flimsy fiberboard, some slight flaking of the dark gray band on the top right where some former owner hung their arm (like an ape :lol: ) out the window, and some small tears in the vinyl. I'm looking for something perfect or near-perfect, like 9.5/10 or better time-capsule door cards. I'm looking for show-car quality, and they have to be gray, they have to be zenki, and they have to USDM. Cash in hand or I have lots of parts for potential trade or trade plus cash one way or the other (PRISTINE black dash, Atlantic engine parts, stock 4age engine parts, NOS never-been-mounted 15" wheels, T-50 rebuild kits, NOS brand-new TRD suspension bushings, brand-new MFactory T-50 tall fifth gear, etc.) I'm located in Oregon. Thanks in advance! :D Please send me a PM if you have some gray USDM zenki panels in great shape for sale/trade.

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Re: WTB: Perfect/near-perfect gray zenki USDM GT-S door cards

Postby pchanichiban » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:40 am

Sent you a PM
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