1983 Corolla Wagon with 4AGE Swap

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1983 Corolla Wagon with 4AGE Swap

Postby Miura » Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:32 pm

1983 Corolla Wagon 348k Miles 175k on Engine Bottom End and 15k on Top End

Now available for sale is my 1983 Toyota Corolla Wagon. It has a complete 4AG engine swap from my AE86 Toyota Corolla GTS. It is a strong, healthy bluetop that put down 119hp at the rear wheels on the dyno at VIP Performance in 2014.

The car has undergone a significant mechanical and cosmetic restoration over the past six months. Many items have been repaired, replaced, or refurbished and it is now in good, running condition. The car has new brake rotors, pads, drums, shoes, and wheel cylinders. All the fluids have been replaced including the brake fluid, transmission and rear differential oil. It has fresh coolant, a new thermostat, and the heater works fine. The rear shock bushings have been replaced, the passenger side axle seal is new, and the torn boot on the steering rack was also replaced. The spare tire holder was rebuilt, stripped and is freshly painted. The car has been lowered with blocks in the rear, cut springs in the front, and T3 Negative Camber Roll Center Adjusters were installed. The fenders were rolled by a previous owner and the car is now sitting on a set of Toyota Supra wheels that are in pretty nice shape. The car also has a Cee’s short throw shifter with fresh bushings that feels nice and tight. The swap was initially finished in December and I have been driving it since then to learn its quirks and fix items that I came across in daily use. There are many other detail items that have been attended to, and I am continuing to make small repairs and improvements until it sells.

Negatives on the car include rust in the rear quarter panels (all the way through in some places), and rust spots in other places (it’s a 34 year old car). None of the rust appears to be structural. The muffler was poorly welded on by a previous owner so there is now a small exhaust leak, which could be corrected quickly by dropping the exhaust and redoing that weld. The interior is in ok shape, the seat vinyl is torn and they now have covers. The dash was recovered with vinyl at some point by a previous owner and looks pretty good, I will have interior pictures up shortly.

Overall, it’s a fun, practical, 2250 pound, rear-wheel drive Corolla Wagon with the getup and go of an AE86. It’s a hoot to drive, looks really cool and is dripping with character. I wish I could keep it but I have no room for it, no time for it, and a wedding to help pay for. I hope it will go to a good owner who will properly care for and appreciate it.

Please click through to my craigslist ad for pictures and to contact me if interested. I don't check forums very often these days. Car is located in Portland, OR USA.


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