Battle Garage (BGRS) New Item: Whiteline Sway Bars

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Battle Garage (BGRS) New Item: Whiteline Sway Bars

Postby BattleGarage_RS » Fri Jan 23, 2015 8:20 pm


Battle Garage Racing Service is happy to announce that we're carrying the full line of Whiteline Anti-Roll(sway/stay) bars for the AE86.
View them here: ... -roll-bars
Sway bars are one of those mods that you can feel the effects of right away and improves handling significantly when properly set up.


We chose to carry Whiteline products because of their proven quality and reasonable prices as well as our own tuning philosophy of using polyurethane bushings on tuned-street cars versus typical heim or rod-end setups. Rod-ends allow for close to zero deflection of the car's suspension, but this can have some significant draw backs:

-Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) is very great over just about any road surface - this gets annoying.
-Any sharp impacts with a curb, burm, or even a blunt object on the road at speed can cause the car's suspension mounting points at the chassis to tear and fatigue over time...all that energy has nowhere to go, nothing to absorb it.
-Rod-end's wear over time, causing clacking and clunking while in motion.

The gains from using rod-ends over poly requires you to sacrifice comfort and even performance in environments outside of a smooth race-track which is why we highly recommend using suspension products with bushings like these Whiteline products, over heim-joint or rod-end parts!


AE86 Front:

BTF35Z - 24mm 4-position Blade Adjustable $215

BTF35 - 24mm Non-adjustable $190

AE86 Rear:

BTR25Z - 20mm 4-position Blade Adjustable $215

BTR71 - 18mm Non-adjustable $190

Install Video By Poor Man Mods:

We also carry Whiteline Lateral Rod/Panhard: ... d-or-track

Follow us on Facebook for the latest product updates:
The tuning spirit of the 90's is alive again!

AE86 parts 24/7 :arrow:

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