F/S - Panasport Wheels & Goodyear Racing Tires

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F/S - Panasport Wheels & Goodyear Racing Tires

Postby yaggi482 » Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:47 am

Up for sale is a set of (4) vintage Japanese Panasport Wheels & Goodyear Racing Tires (21x9-13). This was a spare set of wheels/tires included when I purchased of my 86 GTS hatch; The previous owner used these when he would occasionally track the car. Wheels are in pretty good shape with only minor blemishes and a few small chips (I tried to include up close pics of all issues). I'm honestly not sure if the tires are still any good (they look fairly old), so my asking price is considering the wheels only. Tires will be included for free if buyer wants them - but if not I will have a local shop remove them first to cut down shipping weight. If buyer is picking up locally, I will leave tire removal up to the buyer. Asking $650 local pick-up (Chicago, IL Suburbs). Serious inquiries please contact for a shipping quote, but I would assume an extra $75-$100 should cover it.

https://smile.amazon.com/photos/share/b ... 3HlpqiucZ2

https://smile.amazon.com/photos/share/3 ... 3vugeeOvyq

https://smile.amazon.com/photos/share/w ... HCrwFtGKxq

https://smile.amazon.com/photos/share/b ... XjVQ02lEmx

https://smile.amazon.com/photos/share/x ... fkyM5Vl7tb

https://smile.amazon.com/photos/share/Q ... jSHgisb0Ab

https://smile.amazon.com/photos/share/W ... K3gh6DEkOB

https://smile.amazon.com/photos/share/m ... cNphWjMtJG

https://smile.amazon.com/photos/share/v ... HqXxcyJKzH

https://smile.amazon.com/photos/share/o ... vny10WkGK8

https://smile.amazon.com/photos/share/y ... JRJixYjP1s

https://smile.amazon.com/photos/share/p ... k6DWZcpekS

https://smile.amazon.com/photos/share/E ... pA9muBfh9g

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Re: F/S - Panasport Wheels & Goodyear Racing Tires

Postby NotJustToast » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:21 pm

Pm'd about the wheel size.

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