AE92 steering, Misc 2TC, 4AC and Beater wagon car

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AE92 steering, Misc 2TC, 4AC and Beater wagon car

Postby egjoe » Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:25 am

Located in So.Cali in the valley zip 91304,

Email/message me with your cell # & zip code so I can check shipping cost, as long as your paypal verified.
I will Text you back with a quote Or pictures.

Unless noted, All parts are used with no warranty expressed or implied.

AE92 Levin Steering Wheel, still decent looking, will look better with leather conditioner $115
AE111 Arm Rest light gray (92-95 Corolla) $95

14” Rims/NO Tires Blackies w/HUBCAPS off a 92 Corolla 4x100 $55 (all 4)
14” Rims with BAD/BAD/BAD Tires Blackies off a 96 Civic 4x100 $55 (all 4)

18RG fit 18 Series engine & 2TG Oil Cap $35
93 Celica GTS 5sfe Exhaust Manifold with CATALYTIC Conv. $125
95 Nissan Quest Front Rotors & Brake Pads NEW paid $168, price $95
84 Supra Igniter/Coil Assembly 89620-14360 $55

3TC Cylinder Head, needs 4 valves, used less than 80 miles after head resurface was done $125
3TC Distributor $65
3TC Igniter $45

2TC/3TC Bellhousing with Shift fork $125 (selling backing plate separately)
2TC Cylinder Head, needs to be rebuilt 1974 $125
2TC Intake Manifold with Throttle Body 1974 $125
2TC Engine Backing Plate (Big Starter) $55
2TC HeatShield for brake booster fit various corolla $35
2TC Alternator $25

AE86 SR5 Used B-pipe and Muffler NO CAT $115
4AC Block with Crankshaft, Pistons and Piston Rods, Need Rebuilt, off a running car has blue smoke $115
4AC Throttle Body, Off a Running car that had a blue smoke, been sitting for over a year $65
4AC Exhaust Manifold with working Heat sensing Flap $65
4AC Emission Sensor, Lines (NO EGR) $55
4AC Alternator $45
4AC Starter $45
4AC Power Steering Pump $35
4AC PS Bracket $35
4AC EGR Valve and Line. $35
Also have Misc 95-98 Civic interior/mechanical parts & Integra Misc. Small Interior Parts let me know. Thank you.

1992 Plymouth Colt Vista Wagon 205K Miles, Clean Title 5 speed Manual, Runs and Drive fine. Faded paint, it has a dent on right side. Non-Op No penalties, it did pass on last smog. Did an Oil Change, Replaced Rear Main Seal, Transmission, Clutch Set, Clutch Release cylinder, Clutch Master Cylinder. Excellent Beater/Parts run car, nice head room/leg room, to go Get some oversize parts and load it in the back or do an Eclipse Turbo swap. Front Brakes are still good, Tires in the front are worn, some seal have some leak, scratches, dings/dent here & there. Definitely not a looker, its very inconspicuous car, you don’t need to worry to park it anywhere. $1499.
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