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Postby Road 2 roku » Fri May 19, 2017 10:03 pm

Up for sale is my AEM EMS S1 with serial number 1050u. If you have any questions text me at 520-449-5029

This ecu is versatile and can be used for many set ups. It also comes with a wide band connector to plug directly into an AEM UEGO AFR gauge. Its a great ecu for anyone going turbo and has pins to operate VVt and other variable valve timing systems ran by oil pressure solenoids. I used the ecu to run coil on plugs and ITBs on a 4age 20v motor. This ecu is particularly useful for running the cam angle sensor on the 20v distributor that gives off a backwards signal.

The reason I am selling the ecu for cheap is that it is functional, but the only issue is that it isn't power cycling correctly and holding a tune. I was forced to move onto another AEM ecu for nearly triple the price due to a tune date. The issue could be easily fixed for relatively cheap at: ... 18007.html

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