Lots of 4age 16v and 20v parts

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Lots of 4age 16v and 20v parts

Postby Road 2 roku » Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:26 pm

I am selling a bunch of 4age 16v and 20v parts. I am willing to ship however the prices below are without shipping. Pictures can be found in the craigslist ad below. If you have any question feel free to text me at



4age 16v center valve cover trim with gasket $20

4age 16v Dip stick with housing $15

complete set of 4age 16v timing covers $70

Oil pump $100

4age 20v FWD engine mount $15

4age 20v protective oil pan housing $20

4age 20v oil filter housing $20

4age 20v Denso distributor $50

4age 20v oem spark plug wires $80

4agze Crank Angle Sensor $165

20v water pump $75

$100 16v water pump with thermostat housing

$120 ( 20v new oem pump with faulty gasket from factory)

T3 light weight water pump pulley $60

T3 light weight crank pulley $100

Alternator with t3 lightweight pulley $90

4age 16v coolant lines and housings $60

4age 20v coolant pipes and housings $50

4age 20v power steering pump $100

4age 20v a/c compressor $120

4age 20v accessory pulley and bracket $50

Complete 4age 20v intake manifold with MAF sensor and brackets $140

4age 16v fuel injectors (green 250 cc) $90

4age 20v headers with heat shield $85

4age 20v oem Throttle position sensor $70

4age knock sensor $80

4age 20v oil pressure sensor $20

Toda racing flywheel $400

Toda racing Timing belt $120

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