AE86 4age 4agze Parts SF Bay Area

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AE86 4age 4agze Parts SF Bay Area

Postby Unknone86 » Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:57 pm

Everything is located in SF. Willing to ship smaller parts. Heavy things need to be picked up locally. If you have any question please let me know. They are all parts that I got to put into my car or of came off her but will not be needing anymore and will like to pas them to those who do.

Everything is used.

Valve covers w/ oil cap, 4age - $40
Power steering knuckles, Left and Right - $20
Power steering u joint and intermediate shaft - $30
Transmission /w bell housing. Main Bearing is Shot, shaft spins freely and shifts and no metal flakes when fluid was drained - SOLD
4age head w/ cam shafts still in place - $150
Oil filter sandwhich plate, oem Toyota - $50
Front corner marker light covers, left is broken - $10
Sun visors, old and dry - $5
4age alternator adjustment bracket, oem - $20
4age thermostat housing, oem - $20
Used hood bumpers - SOLD
Rear tail light wire harnesses - $20
Front bumper lights, left housing broken, has fake lens cover. - $20
Used master clutch cylinder, worked fine when removed. - $10
Clutch release bearing. Exedy, made in china. - $20
Oil pan, 4agze. W/ baffle, bolts and pickup line. - $50
Used water pump and rear housing. - $10
Used MSD blaster ss coil - $25
4agze con rods w/ busted pistons - $100
4agze Block, AE101 with crank. Super Clean - $400

I was going to use the block and head for the base for a turbo 4age. Needs pistons and internals for the head and you're set, well maybe replace the valves, springs, ect. and then port and polish but you know whats up. The pistons were popped because the previous owner of the block paired it with a red top head and got the compression ratio off. Motor was immediately removed. The sleeves of the block are clean and the bearings, oil pump ect. were all replaced before the motor was put together.

The head is from a different motor and is all good. Cams are clean but it needs new valves, missing two.

The T50 was in my car and shifted great. Ran it with Royal Purple for the 9 years I had it. Gears didn't grind and it shifted in and out of all gears without issue, also didn't pop out of gears. I think the main bearing went out, could be the center or rear but I don't think so. It still shifts and there wasn't any metal when I drained the fluid. You can hear the bearing noise and feel them too when the input shaft is rotated.

All parts are OBO. I can be reached on my cell at 415-385-2111. Thanks, Kedar

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Re: AE86 4age 4agze Parts SF Bay Area

Postby St. Bushy » Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:40 pm

Do you happen to have a working speedo cable for the T50 box? Let me know

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