4age 20v silvertop in mr2 aw11.

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4age 20v silvertop in mr2 aw11.

Postby Telo93 » Thu Jun 16, 2016 6:16 am

whats going on everybody,i swapped a 4age20v silvertop into my mr2 aw11 body style every other weekend i get to mess with it and get a little further with the swap so far im still messing with the wiring cranks no spark no fuel/pump .just wondering if anyone has any pointers or better guides with the wiring, like would it be better to wire the 20v harness to match the 16v diagram or wire it to how the 20v diagram shows.

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Re: 4age 20v silvertop in mr2 aw11.

Postby jondee86 » Sat Jun 18, 2016 10:19 pm

There is no easy answer. Basically you need to create a ST engine harness that
contains all the essential wires between the ST sensors and components, and the
ST ECU. That, plus some power inputs and grounds, will get the engine running.

If you have the ST ECU and engine harness, you are halfway there. Unravel the
harness and identify all the wires. Extend/add/adjust/splice where necessary
so that you can route each wire from the ECU to its sensor or component. Use
the AW11 harness as a guide for the source for switched and permanent 12V,
FP via COR etc. These wires will be part of the AW11 chassis harness, and you
can adapt them to work with the ST ECU.

The ST sensor plugs, injectors plugs, ECU plugs etc are all different from the AW11
so trying to adapt the AW11 harness to work with the ST is too much uphill work !!

Cheers... jondee86
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